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NodeJS package

Run your favorite server function directly from the browser. NodeJS RPC API is here to save you for the RESTful implementation mess and GraphQL complexity.

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Create websites with ease

Free Static generation framework that allow web developers to build static websites quickly.

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Web agency in Montpellier.

Static website for my personal web agency in Montpellier. It was done using the Montpesites framework.

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Fullstack Javascript

Non-profit brand. I'm helping local entrepreneurs since 2015.

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Incubadora Itinerante

Fullstack Javascript

One of our non-profit project inside misitioba. We travelled during eight months in Latin America helping local entrepreneurs with tech and business strategy.

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Imagine managing your Nginx configuration graphically. Well, no yet. But you can do it with caddy, which also comes with an API for third-party integrations.

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Fullstack Javascript

Gasport was a mobile app to save money in fuel stations. I integrated payments.

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Fullstack Javascript

Diagnostical was a web platform for house diagnostics. It went live in 2017 and it was accepted in StationF. I craft it from the scratch.

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Web developer

Quadramma was a digital agency located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I use to work there as Fullstack dev.

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